Moulds found within a property normally indicate a high relative humidity is occurring or has occurred for an extended period.  Action must be taken to reduce the relative humidity within the property.  Moulds internally indicate an unhealthy environment.

It's important to take swift action to remove the source of moisture. The quicker the extent of any problem is identified, the quicker; effective intervention can be carried out to limit damage to your property.

I am happy to offer my services to assisting protecting your property. In many cases my initial inspection will identify the main issue, but I do have a large rang of diagnostic tools available.

An understanding the pattern of water damage to a building is paramount, and I have years of practical experience to draw on.  Please contact me, I am here to help maintain your investment.

The following are some of instruments I have:

Conductivity meter for moisture % in timber.

Capacitance meter for relative readings.

Hygrometer (for Relative Humidity).

RH Data loggers for extended monitoring.

Calcium carbide Meter for Total Moisture Content in masonry.

Infra-red camera for temperature profiles.

Borescope for hidden voids.

Microscope for timber and insect.

Arial Drone for high level video inspections (site location dependent).

Traditional stone and brick buildings are relatively easy to repair once a defect has been found.

A proportion of the new tenement and or high raised construction are not built with water management and or repairability as a priority.  The use of membranes isolates the building occupier from building envelope water ingress defects.  This dose not bode well for the long-term survivability of some modern buildings.

ADPC Property Care

Timber decay caused by wood rotting fungi (Wet and Dry rot) and Wood Boring insect damage are not always immediately obvious.

Dampness on the lower wall is often Condensation (the No 1 dampness problem). Rising Damp is quite rare as we have been building in damp proof courses in to walls for over 150 years.