Damp and Timber Surveyor Profile

our damp and timber surveyor Mr Nigel Foster CSRT
N Foster CSRT

    Certifications and Training:

    • Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT)
    • PCA-trained in Structural Waterproofing and Condensation Control
    • Installation Operative‚Äôs Course in Remedial Damp and Timber Treatments
    • Specialist in the Specification and Installation of Curator G Moisture Sensors
    • Proficient in Structural Waterproofing and Tanking Systems
    • Holder of a Certificate in Timber Infestation Surveying
    • Completed Health, Safety, and Legal Compliance Module
    • ITC-Certified in Thermal Imaging for Building Diagnostics

    Work Experience

    • Dampness and Wood Rot Investigations:
      • Utilized electrical and chemical meters to assess dampness and wood rot.
      • Conducted salt analysis on masonry samples.
      • Inspected timber for decay and performed drill tests to determine the extent of wood rot.
    • Moisture Sensing and Monitoring:
      • Designed and installed moisture sensors.
      • Monitored moisture levels in the air using relative humidity sensors.
    • Dry Rot Detection and Timber Monitoring:
      • Surveyed and installed dry rot sensors.
      • Monitored areas with damp timber.
    • Structural Repairs and Artwork Support:
      • Designed and executed epoxy resin structural repairs.
      • Provided treatment and consolidation support for artwork.
      • Repairing the Crown of Thorns on top of St Michael’s church Linlithgow
    • Inspections and Consultancy:
      • Conducting infrared inspections to identify dampness and insulation failures.
      • Consulting for the National Museum of Scotland regarding gallery roof timber conditions.
      • Prepared an inspection report for NTS (Hutchison Hall, Glasgow).
    • Timber Treatment Expertise:
      • Possess extensive knowledge of using Boron in timber treatment and understanding carrier limitations.

    Professional Endorsements:

    • Approved and trained by the Property Care Association (PCA)
    • Recognised for expertise in the identification and management of dampness and timber decay in buildings.

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