Covid-19 and a Safe Survey

For a safe survey during the Covid-19 pandemic and have produced a brief method statement which is designed to help keep the occupier and surveyor safe during the survey.

Inform us if anyone had Covert-19 or has at the time of instructing the inspection or just before is to be carried out.

Prior to entering the property, we must know location of the problem, to allow safe assessment.

Please email any documents relating defects prior to arriving. Photos would also help.

A pre-site video meeting would be beneficial.  I can use What’s app video calls for multiple persons I suggest Google meet (video conferencing) works on smartphones and desktops and is secure.

The surveyor will wear overalls, disposable gloves, and face mask during the time of the inspection.

The inspection the occupier must always keep social distance or if possible, go in to the garden or temporary stay in a separate room or temporary leave the property.

Any survey tools will be disinfected before and after the inspection.

On arrival the surveyor will call to confirm safe access to the property.

This method statement is brief and will be subject to change.