ADPC Property Care

Timber decay caused by dry rot, wet rot and woodworm are not always immediately obvious. So it's important to take action to remove the source of moisture. The quicker the extent of any problem is identified, the quicker; effective intervention can be carried out to limit damage to your property.   

Please click on the contact button to arrange an inspection by a  CSRT qualified surveyor, using extensive knowledge and experience gained in following the coroners approach in dealing with damp and timber decay in  home, churches, universities, historic houses and museums.

Due to the depth of knowledge gained we can offer a less destructive approach to address a dry rot infection or dampness in your building.

A brief over view:

There can be varying advice given about chemical treatments. As the remedial treatment industry is a broad church with differing views, on how to address timber and damp problems, some do not believe in the need for any chemicals and others who believe in extensive chemical treatments, sometimes combined with excessive removal of usable timber, possibly driven by the ability of the timber preservative they use as it cannot eradicate the infection at depth, therefore their solution may be more damaging than the original problem.  ADPC walk a path between these differing opinions to achieve a balanced and sustainable solution to your problem.