Condensation in homes occurs when the interior atmosphere gets out of balance and is holding too much water vapour and humidity levels remain high for long periods due to lack of heating and ventilation.

mould due to condensation visible on the plasterboard

The most common wall/ceilings affected by black mould due to condensation are typically your bathrooms, kitchen and bedroom walls are often susceptible to black mould growth.

An inspection will identify the primary action areas to control condensation after which further measures may be necessary.

Brief Action plan

To minimise condensation maintain the ambient temperature above 15oC and ideally between 18-21oC,  avoid heating the property for short periods as this will reduce its moisture buffering ability.    When showering or bathing keep the door shut and the area warm and ventilated until its dry, avoid drying clothes within the building, if you have to, keep them in one room, which is heated and ventilated.  A dehumidifier may be of help if you are unable to ventilate.

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