Thermal imaging dampness

thermal imaging camera
Flir E8 with MR77

We have been using our infrared camera (or thermal imaging camera) to detect dampness and building failures.   thermal imaging is a non-invasive tool for monitoring dampness and diagnosing the condition of buildings and we can identify problems early, allowing them to be documented and corrected before becoming more serious and more costly to repair.

About our FLIR thermal imaging cameras:

They are as easy to use like a camcorder or a digital camera.

 Give you a full thermal image of dampness and building defects.

 Identify and locate an air leakage problem rapidly

 Measure surface temperatures

 Help you diagnose the problem that needs to be fixed

 Help you find small defects before they become a real problem

 Saves clients time and money

Infrared imaging and dampness

infrared image will detect the dew point at which water in the air will condense
condensation on window

Thermal imaging cameras will find the Dew point which is one of the keys to understanding and controlling condensation in the home and often leads to an unhealthy environment for the occupiers.

Mould and dampness can cause health problems by using infrared thermography can be used to detect dampness and mould in a house.

The camera produces thermal images of heat radiation on a wall which identifies areas for water leak detection investigation combined with a moisture meter.

The camera can find incorrectly filled insulation and damp affected insulation internally as the insulation installation can be easily assessed, except where it has been installed within the cavity of a wall.  This is done by heating the building and then creating an under pressure.

Using a thermal imaging camera, you can find a water escape problem in the underfloor radiant flooring heating system, heat is provided by hot-water pipes or electric wires in the floor. As the thermal energy moves due to conduction, they warm up any surface around then the air above by convection and radiation.

 infrared technology has successfully been used to detect flat roof failures.

For more information, please read out article on infrared imaging in buildings.

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