Wet and Dry Rot

Dry rot mycelium on solum. you don't get this with wet rot

Wet and Dry rot infection is relatively simple to bring under control.  By cutting off the fungus water supply quickly, but there may be reasons for the delay in drying out and is why timber treatments are used.

Give us a call to help you with your treatment and repairs, I am also aware of some conflicting opinions, and I will quickly clarify your concerns.

The first stage is to investigate the extent of the wet or dry rot with attention to the structural timbers, and these should be drill tested, where possible to find the extent of the rot.  Once the area of the infection has been exposed, it will also confirm the water source.

After which it is possible to cost for repairs and reinstatement, but generally, clients want to keep the two processes together, this is why a dual costing is based on previous experience are given.

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