Woodworm in homes

A woodworm called the common furniture beetle is responsible for the majority of damage to softwood and hardwood within buildings in Britain.  The level of infestation depends on the type of timber and its moisture content.

Keeping the moisture content of timbers below 11% moisture content (full central heating) may control a woodworm infestation in mid-floor timbers of a well-maintained building. An inspection will help in understanding the insect and the problem.

Treatment: This is normally the covering of the exposed timber surfaces with insecticide fluid that will then bring an infestation under control.

Other Common Wood-borers

1.        Wood weevil (damp timber only)

2.        Lyctus powederpost beetle

3.        Ptilinus beetle

4.        Bark borer beetle

5.        Deathwatch beetle

6.        House Longhorn (south-east England) for further information and species

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